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PureBio Sterilization Station
  • PureBio Sterilization Station

    Product Overview: The PureBio Sanitization Station represents the zenith of sterilization efficiency, combining the power of 70% ethanol dispersion with the precision of 254 nm ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection. Engineered by a team of dedicated scientists and rigorously tested in laboratory conditions, this station is a testament to our commitment to purity and perfection in every research endeavor.

    Ethanol Sterilizing Solution: Harness the potency of our Sterilizing Solution, meticulously designed to deliver a 70% ethanol-based formula through advanced jet-stream misters. This technology ensures comprehensive coverage, reaching every angle and surface of your labware to eradicate endotoxins, thus providing a more refined and uncontaminated product. With the PureBio station, you can trust in a sterilization process that is as thorough as it is effortless.

    UV Disenfectant Capability: Augment your sterilization regimen with the PureBio UV Disenfectant module, a system that deploys 254 nm UV light to irradiate your instruments. The fully reflective interior maximizes the light's reach, enveloping every flask, tool, and test tube in a sterilizing embrace. This method not only optimizes your research conditions but also acts as an extra layer of defense against microbial invaders.

    Compact Design, Extensive Functionality: Despite its comprehensive capabilities, the PureBio Sanitizing Station is remarkably compact. Designed to fit seamlessly on any countertop, it provides ample space to accommodate and sterilize a wide array of lab equipment simultaneously. This is how we fulfill our promise: a device that is both small enough to integrate into your workspace and vast enough in its capacity to ensure the purity of your work.

    Key Benefits:

    • Automated Sterilization: Reduces manual effort, increases productivity.
    • Dual-Action Sanitization: Combines ethanol spraying and UV light for double protection.
    • Space-Efficient: Ample interior space with a minimal footprint.
    • Designed for Labs: By scientists, for scientists—tailored to the needs of modern research.
      Expected to Ship by End of October
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